Making a Philanthropic ‘State’ment

United States map with pins in Idaho, Minnesota, and Iowa

Located across the country, our chapters are changing communities through their volunteer and philanthropic work in their local neighborhood.


CHAPTER 2317 Rathdrum, ID (Established 1900)

President: Carolyne Mccrite
Secretary-Treasurer: Diana Lingle
Event Planner: Rebecca Oliver
Social Media Coordinator: Diana Lingle

Chapter activities:

CHAPTER 3000 Exline, IA (Established 1906)

President: Jean Richmond
Secretary-Treasurer: Mary Hurley
Event Planner: Rose Walker
Social Media Coordinator: Connie Casteel

Chapter activities:

CHAPTER 5146 Grasston, MN (Established 1908)

President: Jane Moyer
Secretary-Treasurer: Dorothy Johnson
Event Planner: Bernadine Damann
Social Media Coordinator: Bernadine Damann

Chapter activities:

CHAPTER 1373 Atlantic, IA (Established 1899)

President: Carol Amos
Secretary-Treasurer: Jolene Smith
Event Planner: Edward Smith
Social Media Coordinator: Annette Smith

Chapter activities: