Making a Philanthropic ‘State’ment

Located across the country, our chapters are changing communities through their volunteer and philanthropic work in their local neighborhood.


CHAPTER 2317 Rathdrum, ID (Established 1900)

President: Carolyne Mccrite
Secretary-Treasurer: Diana Lingle
Event Planner: Rebecca Oliver
Social Media Coordinator: Diana Lingle

Chapter activities:

CHAPTER 3000 Exline, IA (Established 1906)

President: Jean Richmond
Secretary-Treasurer: Mary Hurley
Event Planner: Rose Walker
Social Media Coordinator: Connie Casteel

Chapter activities:

CHAPTER 5146 Grasston, MN (Established 1908)

President: Jane Moyer
Secretary-Treasurer: Dorothy Johnson
Event Planner: Bernadine Damann
Social Media Coordinator: Bernadine Damann

Chapter activities:

CHAPTER 1373 Atlantic, IA (Established 1899)

President: Carol Amos
Secretary-Treasurer: Jolene Smith
Event Planner: Edward Smith
Social Media Coordinator: Annette Smith

Chapter activities: