2021 Financial Wellness Calendar

A piggy bank with hands wrapped around it

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
– Benjamin Franklin

A new year presents the opportunity to improve your financial wellness and invest in savings for your future. To make 2021 your best financial year yet, we have compiled a financial guide with monthly suggestions to help you stay on track throughout the year. You can make the necessary adaptations for each month to best fit your personal needs.

It’s a new year and a great time to create financial goals! Start by reviewing your 2020 finances to create a realistic budget and make appropriate adjustments for 2021. For more help, revisit our tips on becoming financially fit and building your savings.

Taxes may not be due until April, but the work should begin now. Gather all the information you will need, including W-2 forms, 1099 statements from your financial institutions, and information about your investments. When you’re ready to file, take advantage of E-file. Not only will you typically receive your refund (if you receive one) faster, but you can also direct deposit it into your savings account.

While you’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, think green – as in saving dollars! If your emergency savings account doesn’t look like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, add to it. You may be able to make a contribution to your IRA before April 15 if you haven’t already done so. Plus, Royal Neighbors offers annuity products that may help you grow your retirement nest egg.

It’s time for spring cleaning for your budget. Review recent bank statements to determine what items can be cut back or removed entirely. Consider removing unwanted subscriptions and reducing your packages for monthly bills such as internet and cable. April is also a great month to organize your files. Find tips here on what to keep and what to sweep!

As you remember our veterans on Memorial Day, consider your own legacy. Do you have legal and health powers of attorney? Are your beneficiaries current? Do your children know your financial institutions, insurance company, and last wishes? Store this information in a safe place and inform someone you trust.

The bell just rang, signaling the end of the 2020-21 school year. While you’re celebrating summer, the clock is ticking down toward Fall when back-to-school prep starts over again. Start preparing now with a back-to-school fund. Save a little each week for upcoming supply and clothing needs.

Declare your independence from writing checks and visiting your bank or credit union. Set up direct deposit to your savings and checking accounts. It will help you “pay yourself first.” Save on postage, too, by paying your bills online.

When your 2021 summer vacation is over, start planning and saving for the next one. Discuss destinations with your family and research travel deals. Then open a separate vacation account so you can pay for your next trip to Orlando, the Grand Canyon, or Niagara Falls without going into debt.

Your children had their school physicals, so think about your “financial physical.” Sit down with your financial professional and review your portfolio. If you have changed jobs, gotten married, bought a house, etc., your needs may have changed. Call a Royal Neighbors sales agent at (866) 845-6665 for a needs analysis to ensure you have the appropriate life insurance coverage.

As the seasons change, look around your home and be sure your home is energy efficient. Turn the thermostat down, unplug appliances not in use, review your phone and cable bills for possible savings, turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth or washing dishes, and do laundry using warm or cold water, not hot.

When you change your clocks and the batteries in your smoke alarms, check your credit score. For more information, go to annualcreditreport.com. Checking your credit score will also give you peace of mind that you have not been the victim of identify-theft.

Consider giving financial gifts to charitable causes in lieu of holiday gifts. After you have selected the organizations, do your research before sending a check. Go to charitynavigator.org or give.org to be sure they are worthy of your support.


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