Chapter 1391 Invests in Youth

Members of Chapter 1391 donating backpacks to a local school

Members of Chapter 1391, Sauk City, Wisconsin, are impacting young lives in their community by providing school supplies and backpacks to children in need.

“Several years ago, we recognized the need for school supplies in our community,” said Brenda Murphy, Chapter President. “Due to COVID-19 and the challenges families are facing right now, the need is even greater. We want all children to get off to a positive start and have everything they need to be successful.”

Although the gathering of supplies and assembly of the backpacks looked a little different this year, everyone pitched in to help. “Our senior members resourced the best deals from home, and small groups assembled the bags,” said Brenda. “We all wanted to serve our community and do good.”

“To reduce the cost of the project, many chapter members purchased the backpacks with their own money,” shared Brenda. In total, fifteen backpacks were purchased and filled to the brim with supplies for children at two local elementary schools.

Schools in the Sauk Prairie community are committed to blended learning for the 2020-2021 school year, so the need for supplies exists in the classroom and at home. “The schools are so grateful to receive supplies for underprivileged children,” stated Brenda, “especially in today’s environment.”

Chapter 1391 is committed to making a positive impact for their community. Besides providing school supplies, the members work with many local organizations to serve mothers and women in the Sauk Prairie area. “We believe children, mothers, and women are the assets of our future,” said Brenda. “We want to provide hope during difficult times and remind everyone that we all need a little help sometimes.”

In addition to their work with the schools, Chapter 1391 has a long relationship with Hope House women’s shelter. They supply them with much-needed items like diapers, baby wipes, shampoo and conditioner, body wash, deodorant, and food. “The need in the shelter has increased over the last six months,” said Brenda. “They are so appreciative of our donations during these minimal-contact days.”

Royal Neighbors of America has been a part of Brenda’s family for many years. Brenda’s Grandmother and Great Grandmother both served as chapter leaders. Brenda supported their efforts by attending several chapter events each year. At one of the events, members approached Brenda about her interest in joining the chapter and serving as President. “The chapter recognized the need to recruit new members,” said Brenda. “Our chapter has always believed in the longevity of our mission.”

Brenda continues her family legacy of giving back and has served as President for seven years.

Chapter 1391 continues to look for creative ways to support women and children in their community. They are committed to investing in others. Because sometimes, we all need a little help.