Expanding our impact together

Royal Neighbor values graphic

I was honored to have the opportunity to bond and strategize with Royal Neighbors employees, collaborate with our agents, volunteer with our members, and connect with our chapter leaders during my first full year at Royal Neighbors. We have accomplished so much together!

Refreshing Royal Neighbors’ founding values was one of my top highlights from the year. Our five values represent the common bond of membership. Through the refresh process, we worked to ensure our values drive every product, service, program, performance, and communication. Officially relaunched in September this year, our values of faith, courage, unselfishness, endurance, and humility guide us as we work to fulfill the Royal Neighbors mission.

Throughout the year, the Royal Neighbors team has been building a plan to increase our impact through the products we offer and the communities we serve. We are happy to share that we have exceeded product sales goals and increased our membership, serving more than 260,000 members.

We are excited about the new Ensured Legacy Final Expense product launching early next year. It offers accessibility to underinsured individuals and aligns with our mission to insure lives, support women, and serve communities. Read more about how this product’s charitable giving rider offers a new, meaningful way for members to leave a lasting legacy.

We are also thrilled to continue our legacy of presenting Nation of Neighbors℠ awards and grants to ten influential women whose nonprofit work significantly impacts their communities. Ashley Colie, founder and president of The Ripple Effect Foundation, is one of our 2023 recipients. The Ripple Effect Foundation believes that one act of kindness can ripple across our nation and inspire others to spread hope and healing.

You motivate and inspire us to sustain and expand our capacity for greater impact across our country! Thank you for your warm welcome, empowerment, and support in my first year as CEO and President. It is an honor to serve you.


Zarifa Reynolds
CEO and President