Member Relief Fund

“Royal Neighbors’ generosity to ease my financial hardship is unprecedented. I am so very appreciative of the kindness extended to me.” Member Relief Fund recipient Roxanne Wilcox

Royal Neighbors has conscientiously nurtured a philanthropic legacy for more than 126 years. Because it is woven into the fabric of our organization, we have successfully empowered women and their families to build better lives, stronger communities, and a brighter tomorrow.

Our “neighbor-helping-neighbor” philosophy was exemplified in 1906 following the devastating San Francisco earthquake. Voluntary contributions raised more than $4,000 for chapters affected, and provisions of all kinds were dispensed on a long-term basis. That quick and charitable response set the standard for philanthropic initiatives moving forward.

The Society established a Fraternal Fund (now called the Member Relief Fund) in 1921 to provide financial assistance to qualifying Royal Neighbors Beneficial Members experiencing “extreme” cases of financial need due to an illness/personal injury or extensive property loss/damage not covered by insurance resulting from specific disasters.

An extreme case of need is determined on an individual basis by considering out-of-pocket expenses (gross expenses incurred, less reimbursement from any relief agency, insurer, or other source), loss of income, and loss not covered by insurance. It’s a benefit we hope Members never have to use, but it’s here if you need it.