Members can ensure their legacy with new life insurance product

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My journey at Royal Neighbors spans 32 years, with my current role leading product strategy and development. Each day, I’m privileged to work on products that make a meaningful impact on families nationwide. I am thrilled to share our latest life insurance product, designed with the member in mind, Ensured Legacy Final Expense™, scheduled for launch in January 2024.

Why we created it

This new life insurance product isn’t just a result of brainstorming in the boardroom; it’s a response to the needs of our valued members. Our journey to Ensured Legacy Final Expense included extensive research and the pursuit of a deep understanding of our members and our agents.

Our research also included competitive intelligence analysis, reaffirming our commitment to standing out in the market. We’re dedicated to providing life insurance product features that meet our members’ needs and differentiate us from competitors.

Who is it for

Serving the underinsured member is at the heart of our product strategy. We understand that monthly budgeting is a significant concern, which is why we prioritize affordability. Our whole life products are meticulously designed to be budget-friendly, catering to those with limited income. This approach ensures that life insurance remains an accessible option for everyone, even those who might have otherwise been excluded later in life.

We designed Ensured Legacy Final Expense to serve a broader audience including those who may have delayed purchasing life insurance, lost coverage due to a change in employment status, or were previously declined. We believe in providing coverage to everyone, regardless of their health conditions, and that is precisely what this product accomplishes.

How members will benefit

Life insurance products often exclude individuals with severe medical conditions or fail to offer reduced premiums to healthier applicants. With Ensured Legacy Final Expense, we are able to provide a product with coverage options that align with individuals’ health statuses. It allows them to ensure their loved ones are left with their legacy and not debt.

Our research told us that members often take care of elderly parents who may not have life insurance. The financial responsibilities of caring for loved ones as they approach their end of life can be overwhelming. Ensured Legacy Final Expense provides an easy solution to bridge this gap and provide peace of mind.

Serve your community; ensure your legacy

Ensured Legacy Final Expense isn’t just an insurance product; it’s a holistic offering that reflects our commitment to insuring lives, supporting women, and serving communities.℠ To illustrate our dedication to serving communities, we introduced a distinctive charitable giving rider. This rider, included at no extra cost to the member, empowers our members to choose a charity from our list that they feel connected to. When the member passes away, Royal Neighbors donates an additional 1% above and beyond the members’ death benefit – in their name – to the selected charity. It’s a meaningful way to leave a lasting legacy while contributing to the greater good.

Ensured Legacy Final Expense was designed with our members and their future legacy – at the heart of it all.


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