Our Mission Unites Us

Cynthia Tidwell

As the pandemic ebbs and flows, our world has been presented with new and different challenges. But, what remains constant is the support and heart our members continue to pour into their communities.

Our founders had a common bond. It was their fierce desire and mission to protect their loved ones financially and empower women through grassroots volunteerism. This bond brought them together, first to socialize, then to mobilize to form Royal Neighbors and develop easy-to-understand life insurance protection for themselves, their families, and their neighbors.

For 126 years, our members have lived their mission and delivered impact through natural disasters, economic crisis, civil unrest, and yes, global health crises. Making a difference in the communities where our members live and work is truly part of our DNA.

In this issue, I am inspired to share new and powerful stories of members who have found opportunity and growth in times of change and uncertainty. From hosting online praise services, to activating random acts of kindness, to providing food for the hungry, our members have lifted spirits and impacted lives in communities near and far.

Our Nation of Neighbors℠ recipient, Kristy Alexander, featured on the cover, shares her courageous journey abroad and inspiration to leave her career in business management to pursue her childhood dream of starting a cosmetics company while empowering women in need.

Chapter 20147, featured in Gathering to Give, had the insight to look for opportunity after devastation to re-envision their service to others and support the community’s greatest needs. A quote from the article is a beautiful reminder of the depth of character within our organization and membership, “We have been blessed with passionate, creative, giving members who want to make a difference.”

In our ever-changing world, our members, inspired by their bond, continue to join together and drive impact. And, through it all, Royal Neighbors is committed to continuing to provide our members with strong and stable life insurance protection, annuity products and philanthropic grant opportunities to protect, empower, and serve.

As I reflect upon 2021, I am inspired by the power of our member community, humbled by your perseverance, and grateful for your diligence. Our successful life insurance business continues to fund our steadfast mission so we can continue to stand together, to inspire impact as a nation of communities, and a nation of neighbors, driven by the importance of serving others.

Stay safe. Stay connected.

My best,