I am a Royal Neighbor – Youth Members

Youth Member Asia

Member Asia, age 14

Every Royal Neighbors member represents an impactful mission to build stronger communities.

We believe our youth members are the future of volunteerism. Today and every day, we honor their commitment and dedication to making a difference.


“I am proud to be a member of Royal Neighbor s o f America because I get to give back and put a smile on someone else’s face during unexpected times throughout the year.”
Asia, age 14

“I like volunteering with my mom. It’s nice to help people, and we get to do it together.”
Dylan, age 12

“I am proud to be a Royal Neighbor because we do kind things for people, and that makes me feel good.”
Claire, age 9

“It’s fun! We do nice things for Grandmas and Grandpas – and kids too!”
Millie, age 8