Supporting Our Troops from Home

Operation Military Matters

Kadi and Gracie Tubbs, founder of Operation Military Matters

Kadi and Graci Tubbs, from left to right

Many of our members are overcoming obstacles and finding ways to continue to live the Royal Neighbors mission from home while staying safe and healthy.

One great example of persistence and optimism can be found in our members Kadi and Graci Tubbs, the mother-daughter duo who founded Operation Military Matters (OMM) in Seminole, Florida.

“Our non-profit works hard to bring communities together throughout the country to support our troops,” explained Graci, age 14. “Even though we are experiencing a pandemic, we are continuing to do what we can, because our troops still need our support.”

Operation Military Matters is a nonprofit organization that mobilizes communities to ship care packages and cards to active troops. What started as a Difference Maker Fund project has grown into a full-fledged non-profit run entirely by volunteers.

Kadi and Graci have also started their own Royal Neighbors chapter.

“Our Royal Neighbors chapter helps with volunteerism and funding, and we are grateful for this collaboration,” said Kadi.

Overcoming the Unexpected

Due to the pandemic, Graci and Kadi have had to temporarily suspend their packing parties – the process that allows community groups to come together and provide materials and manpower to fill, prep, and mail the care packages. These days, the duo is back to the basics of how they started this endeavor – filling each box themselves.

“Without these parties, we are working hard to utilize the materials that are stocked in our warehouse,” said Graci.

In typical times, Operation Military Matters sends out nearly 100 boxes each month. But this March, they were only able to ship two boxes due to a brief restriction on overseas shipping. Their funding has also been impacted.

“We have missed out on a few grants that we were looking forward to this spring” Graci shared, “but we totally understand and support the shift in prioritization of funds due to the virus.”

Fortunately, these obstacles are not slowing Operation Military Matters down because the requests from the public to ship boxes to those serving are not slowing down either. Community support is making it possible for the non-profit to continue with its mission.

“It is amazing to see how much support we are receiving during these uncertain times,” Kadi stated. “People from all around the country are still writing cards, and we received 30 boxes from colleges last month.”

The support from Royal Neighbors is also making a difference.

“Our Royal Neighbors chapter helps with volunteerism and funding, and we are grateful for this collaboration,” Kadi Tubbs, Member, Seminole, Florida

“We are still able to work and ship packages thanks to great community support, and we are glad to be able to utilize chapter funding from Royal Neighbors to help us continue our work,” Kadi said.

How You Can Help

From the comfort of your home, you can help Graci and Kadi continue to show gratitude to our active military.

“We can always use cards!” Graci offered with enthusiasm. “People can sign cards and mail them to us to share with the troops.”

Kadi added, “If people are interested in sending snacks or other items, we encourage people to order items from our Amazon wish list and ship items directly to Operation Military Matters.”

This mother-daughter duo is staying optimistic and grateful as they continue to live the mission of Operation Military Matters.

“We are so thankful for the support we have received from Royal Neighbors and its members,” said Kadi. “It is amazing to see how a $200 grant from the Difference Maker Fund has grown into over $100,000 in difference made.”

About the Difference Maker Fund

Our Difference Maker Fund can support your volunteer initiatives while you stay safe at home by helping you get started with $200 in seed money. Learn more.